Dry fire training

With restrictions at most common gun ranges on live fire training, a safe and effective alternative is dry fire training. Dry fire training is no substitute for live fire training, but with the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol and the exclusive laser feedback mechanism you can get a lot more out of your dry fire. The first shot brakes before noise or recoil affect the shooter. This critical first trigger manipulation and reset are the perfectly simulated by SIRT. SIRT Dry Fire Training Pistol lets you get thousands of repetitions with feedback that no other system provides.

Targets and software can be used on most Cell phones or independently.

Advantage of dry fire training is you can do it in the comfort of your home or office, and for the price you will be saving money on ammunition.

See our Target section for print out targets that can be used for either dry fire or live fire skills

SKILLSETS of Dry Fire Training:

  • draws
  • reloads
  • presenting gun on target
  • natural point of aim
  • awkward shooting positions
  • increasing overall speed and accuracy
  • acceptable sight picture/sight alignment
  • scenarios (shooting live targets with safety protocol in place)
  • target transitions
  • driving the eyes and bringing the gun on target without overtraveling
  • weapon transitions (rifle to pistol)
  • prepping the trigger at appropriate times
  • prepping when muzzle is aligned on target
  • not prepping when muzzle is not pointed at something you are willing to destroy
  • decelerating the body to a shooting position ready to shoot

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