18 hr New York State Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Training Course

Started on June 1, 202318hrs

This is the mandatory course for the New York State Concealed Carry Firearm Safety Training as required under New York State Law for a NYS Concealed Carry Pistol License.

It is a minimum of 18 hours which includes 16 hour classroom and 2 hour range session.

In order to pass, attendees are required to pass a written examination scoring a minimum of 80% as well as shoot a live fire minimum proficiency qualification at the range.

This course meets the minimum standards as outlined by the DCJS. 

The following topics are covered:

  1. Firearms safety and safe handling practices
  2. Firearm and ammunition function and operation
  3. Cleaning and maintenance
  4. Range safety
  5. Holster and accessory considerations
  6. Concealed carry considerations
  7. Safe storage and transportation requirements
  8. State and federal gun laws
  9. Situational awareness and concealed carry
  10. Conflict de-escalation and management
  11. Effects of drugs and alcohol
  12. Proper interaction with law enforcement
  13. Restricted areas
  14. Use of deadly force and duty to retreat / NY Article 35
  15. Suicide prevention / recognizing the signs
  16. Principles of marksmanship
  17. Fundamentals of shooting
  18. Dry fire and live fire exercises (firearm, ammunition, eye and ear protection will be provided)
  19. Written test


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